Currys – the service innovator

I never thought I’d say this, but Currys, long time high street technology retailer of Britain, has actually done a pretty canny bit of service innovation.

currys ad
currys ad
I’ve been in this predicament. New fridge comes, old fridge needs to go. I and so many other have relied on the wierd black market of delivery men who, for £25 would “sort it out for yer”. Lord know where those fridges ended up, but you just hoped it was better than dumping it on the corner like so many others.

Well Currys have been very sensible, identified that for each pallet offloaded, there’s a space to fill in the van, and in doing so won my business. Government should be supporting smart thinking like this. It saves on local councils picking them up off the street, it saves on fuel, it removes a tax evasive black market. Also – and correct me if I’m wrong – but I think the EU is trying to make manufacturers/vendors responsible for the eventual disposal of their products. If so, this could be a good example of a company turning an apparent cost into a clear benefit. Smart move.